My sincere desire for you is, visiting this site, to meet my work. I hope that with few words I can introduce you to the atmosphere of my emotional world, which is the main reason to make these paintings that excited your curiosity.

The whole process from shopping for paints and canvases to the finishing a painting is very exciting and interesting for me...

Most of my painting I made in series and every particular painting has its own history.

Almost all of my paintings are constructed using a basic art scheme: introduction, exposition, finale. For example "Seasons", "Crash" and "A Touch". Others are created using so called "emotional individuality methodology". Examples are "Entering The Time", "Eyes", "Waterfall", "Winter Summer", "Solar Eclipse '99" - a total of 15 paintings.

All of the paintings are made all in a breath... Some of them are inspired by the most important bulgarian holidays and events, for example "Vernal Equinox", "Palm Sunday", "Easter".
I strived to combine abstractly my inner feeling of beauty and delight with the exceptional vitality of the nature (the changing of seasons), the same vitality that provokes life-asserting optimism in me.
That optimism I expressed with variegated and light colors to achieve as much harmony as I can between my inner world and the world that I live in...

If my paintings are in harmony with your emotional and spiritual world then the accord between us is accomplished!... An accord in the name of the art.

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